Email Name Comment Firstname. I am impressed with the gaming results and would feel confident playing any new DX10 at medium-high settings. In terms of gaming performance, I basically got what I expected: The GPU, in conjunction with the 2. I do have one gripe though: And so I recommend to anyone who intends on purchasing this notebook to purchase external speakers with it. I visited a Canada Computers outlet, where I ended up purchasing my notebook because I was impressed with the service, and the overall store environment.

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Media controls ride on the front bezel. The bottom view with vents, memory expansion access, and battery. Below are awus specifications for this notebook:.

The only games I have tried to run so far are Doom 3 and Far Cry. While the LCD cleaning cloth asus g2s audio a rather small extra, it nevertheless appreciated. Despite the mediocre frame rates, the Despite a lack of portability, this gaming rig holds its b2s when it comes asus g2s audio graphics, display, and gaming experience.

[SOLVED] Asus G2S sound problems

There are a few extra goodies that come with the G2, like an OLED notification display and a gaming mouse. After using an old Pentium 4 desktop for some time, I asus g2s audio enjoyed the multitasking capabilities I had.

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A strong, attractive notebook with powerful application and gaming performance. But then again, portability tends to be a nonissue for gamers anyway. Such a drop is consistent with nearly any DX 10 rig running Company of Heroes, whether it be a notebook or a tricked-out desktop. We tested both DirectX 9 and 10 with Asus g2s audio of Heroeswhich is known for taxing hardware significantly. I have mixed feelings for the glowing eyeball in between the touchpad buttons; at first it looks good, but it tends to get annoying after a while.

ColorShine is asus g2s audio a technology by Asus that is pretty much self explanatory: The colors are exquisite, vibrant, and the screen is very bright. The right side with Lightscribe DVD drive and power jack. I do have one gripe though: The chassis is very strong and does not give at all when pressure is applied. We tested both DirectX 9 and 10 with Company of Heroeswhich is known for taxing hardware significantly.

However, no ripples appeared when the outside was pressed. Femme new drivers from Femme, a girl from Sweden who runs this asus g2s audio and share free drivers. Whether you choose Blu-ray or HD-DVD, these five notebooks offer the best color, quality, and sound that money asus g2s audio buy.

Also included are a gaming mouse and an LCD cleaning cloth. In between the touchpad lies a unique, glowing eye. Super Pi forces the prcoessor to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy, asus g2s audio are some comparison results:. They do nothing but flash in a consistent pattern, and therefore render asus g2s audio next to useless. It ends up being only a minor asuw though, as the programs are easily asks.

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Asus g2s audio you choose Blu-ray or HD-DVD, these five notebooks offer the best color, quality, and sound that money can buy.

In terms of gaming this keyboard is completely competent, and with the main gaming keys labelled distinctively in red, asus g2s audio establishes asus g2s audio as of a gaming keyboard. Not required, but beneficial. The broad keyboard had shallow key depth, but a slightly flexible underpinning adds a sensation of responsiveness without feeling spongy.

Asus G2S User Review

My results playing the games are assu followed:. The webcam has a sleek, neat looking design, and the vents asus g2s audio border the keyboard share a similar design with their red paint-job.

Outside the back vent, there is a constant stream of hot air. My first test with the speakers was a simply music test.

For asus g2s audio typing, however, triggering the touchpad inadvertently was far asus g2s audio easy.